WordPress Hack Follow-up Video

WordPress Hack Follow-up Video

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This is a follow up video in which I demonstrate how to get rid of the infection that occurs as a result of extra php codes being injected into the headers of certain php files in your WordPress blog installation, something I talked about in a previous video about WordPress hack. Here is the procedure:

1) upgrade or re-install WordPress
2) examine /wp-config.php for hacked code
3) examine various /index.php files within WordPress sub directories
4) install and activate a new theme, delete and reinstall all previous themes. You must delete them because this exploit attacks many files within themes and plugins folders.
5) Turn off or delete and reinstall any plugins
6) Install Wordfence so it will notify you if any of your files change in the future. If so, you need to delete the hacked code and also perhaps find out why the server continues to be hacked.

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